Welcome to World Galileo

Due to relocation and recent update issues we are experising a few technical difficulties please check this site frequently for more infomation updates we are working hard to correct the problems so we can promise to bring u a BETTER and more user friendly VIRTUAL WORLD

How to get in:

If you already have an avatar in World Galileo

you must register at the web interface so that I can link your avatar to it. You must also change your password. I will notify you that your avatar has been linked via pm in the web interface. I'm periodically checking registrations but I can't guarantee instant linking. However I will make sure you get linked in a timely fashion.

If you are new

, then register by:

  1. clicking here, completing the form and activating the registration.
  2. Then while logged in to the web interface, click here, complete the form and be sure to remember the submitted information :)

Logging on:

After completing the web interface registration and avatar creation or linking (with a password change), you are now ready to log into world.

While it is possible to use the sl viewer to login, we prefer that you use Hippo OpenSim Viewer.

If you have Windows, then click here to download the viewer.

(Our loginuri is http://gravity.netbreakers.com:8002/ .)

Then follow the illustrations' instructions as ordered: 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and 6.


The OpenSim project

Network System Laboratory

We are not affiliated with them nor are they with us, but our virtual world would not be here without them.

World Galileo
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